by rizumirai

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A hot pink blinking light brings your desires to matter.
At first glance you would think she wants to play dress-up but looking closer she's just craving to get naked. Bare from her ties to the world.
On the other hand she brings a leash.
The image is 31.

Your big toe is shy so you wait for her call before you move forward.
The line speaks misfortune but you have been blinded by the silverness of her skin and the softness of her voice won't let you hear the warnings.
The first quarter becomes full moon.
Maybe you should have waited - however the calves lack self-control under the feet's command and it seems like you're both eager for pain.
It's embarrassing.
You were tricked into believing you would feel whole but were instead left broken. Oblivious, blind, dirty, wishing you could dissolve.
A hint of her presence lingers in your surroundings. You open the windows every night hoping her scent would vanish for once.
It remains.
And you wait. Steadily enduring. Unsure if you want to destroy her or to abandon yourself.
The remorse clings to your back. It puts you to sleep at night and leaves you to wake up under the crushing weight of your own existence.
Yet she keeps coming back, begging you to hurt her to set herself free.
For your heartache, there is no relief.


released December 21, 2018




COLECTIVO「大音量コンピューター」 Porto, Portugal

COLECTIVO「大音量コンピューター」 (loud volume computer) is a multidisciplinary collective that focuses on death after life as a perpetuator of art making and friendship acquiring.

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